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The generation component VM-GECO-II is based on declarative knowledge sources, such that the processing mechanisms can be used for several target languages. Just as in VM-GECO-I, the principle of off-line preprocessing is used to guarantee the consistency of knowledge sources of several generation components as well as to increase efficiency during on-line processing. For each target language an HPSG is used as basis for syntactic generation and is preprocessed off-line into a TAG.

This is an orphaned system without any bibliographic references!

Facts about VM-GECO-IIRDF feed
DescriptionVerbMobil Generation Components (II)  +
Domainappointments  +
Ended2000  +
FrameworkHPSG  +, and TAG  +
LanguageGerman  +, English  +, and Japanese  +
Started1997  +
URLhttp://www.dfki.de/pas/f2w.cgi?iuic/vmII-e  +
WorkerFinkler  +
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