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[edit] Summary

  • System Name: SPEAK!
  • Short Description: spoken language generation for supporting database access
  • System Builders: Bateman, Stein, Hagen, Teich, Grote, Thiel[1][2][3][4][5][6]
  • Development Period: 1995–1996
  • Languages: German
  • Domain: metadialog
  • Theoretical framework: SFG
  • Forerunner: KPML


spoken language generation for supporting database access


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  6. Stein, A. (1998). Usability and Assessments of Multimodal Interaction in the SPEAK! System: an experimental case study. New Review of Multimedia and Hypermedia, 4. Bib
Facts about SPEAK!RDF feed
Descriptionspoken language generation for supporting database access  +
Domainmetadialog  +
Ended1996  +
ForerunnerKPML  +
FrameworkSFG  +
LanguageGerman  +
NameSPEAK!  +
Started1995  +
WorkerBateman  +, Stein  +, Hagen  +, Teich  +, Grote  +, and Thiel  +
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