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[edit] Summary

  • Short Description: Air travel reservation dialogue system
  • System Builders: Ratnaparkhi[1]
  • Development Period: 2001–2001
  • Languages: English
  • Domain: air travel
  • Theoretical framework: hybrid


Explores a surface generation framework that allows a dynamic word re-ordering in the context of a conversational system. The system attempts to duplicate the use of "word re-ordering" in order to maximize their communicative effectiveness. The surface NLG module expresses new information differently from old information. The input to the system consists of attribute-value pairs, some mandatory, some optional. Generation is a carried out by a hybrid statistical and grammar-based process.


  1. Ratnaparkhi, A. (2001). Modeling information novelty in a conversational system with a hybrid statistical and grammar-based approach to surface natural language generation. Paper presented at Proceedings of the NAACL workshop on adaption in dialogue systems, Pittsburgh, PA. Bib
Facts about RatnaparkhiRDF feed
DescriptionAir travel reservation dialogue system  +
Domainair travel  +
Ended2001  +
FrameworkHybrid  +
LanguageEnglish  +
NameRatnaparkhi  +
Started2001  +
WorkerRatnaparkhi  +
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