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[edit] Summary

  • System Name: RENDEZVOUS
  • Short Description: database query formulation system
  • System Builders: Codd[1][2]
  • Development Period: 1976–1977
  • Languages: English
  • Domain: DB


database query formulation system


  1. al</i>., C. <. E. F. (1978). Rendezvous Version 1: An Experimental English-Language Query Formulation System for Casual Users of Relational Databases (No. RJ2144(29407)). San Jose, Calif. IBM Research Laboratory. Bib
  2. Codd, E. F. 1977. Seven Steps to Rendez-vous with the Casual User. Bib
Facts about RENDEZVOUSRDF feed
Descriptiondatabase query formulation system  +
DomainDB  +
Ended1977  +
LanguageEnglish  +
Started1976  +
WorkerCodd  +
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