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[edit] Summary

  • System Name: IMAGENE
  • Short Description: instructions for operating telephones
  • System Builders: Vander Linden[1][2]
  • Development Period: 1992–1992
  • Languages: English
  • Domain: instructions
  • Theoretical framework: SFG
  • Forerunner: PENMAN


instructions for operating telephones


  1. Linden, K. V., Cumming, S., & Martin, J. 1992. Using system networks to build rhetorical structures. Bib
  2. Linden, K. V. ((1993). Speaking of actions: choosing rhetorical status and grammatical form in instructional text generation.). Unpublished PhD Thesis. Bib
Facts about IMAGENERDF feed
Descriptioninstructions for operating telephones  +
Domaininstructions  +
Ended1992  +
ForerunnerPENMAN  +
FrameworkSFG  +
LanguageEnglish  +
Started1992  +
WorkerVander Linden  +
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