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[edit] Summary

  • System Name: CONPAS
  • Short Description: Content-to-Prosodically Adequate Speech
  • System Builders: Marsi[1][2][3][4]
  • Development Period: 1995–2000
  • Languages: Dutch
  • Domain: prosody generation


CONPAS (Content-to-Prosodically Adequate Speech) is a front-end generator for producing spoken output with appropriate prosody. It consists of three modules: SynR, a module for syntactic realization, ProsR, a module for prosodic realization and, SpeechS, a module for speech synthesis. It is driven by a planning component (PlanR) and produces spoken output in a number of domains; the text planner is specific for each domain. Particular emphasis was placed on the pitch accent placement, and this has been evaluated.


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Facts about CONPASRDF feed
DescriptionContent-to-Prosodically Adequate Speech  +
Domainprosody generation  +
Ended2000  +
LanguageDutch  +
Started1995  +
WorkerMarsi  +
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