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[edit] Summary


ASTROGEN (Aggregated deep and Surface naTuRal language GENerator) is a Natural Language Generator written in Prolog. Which hopefully can be used by almost anybody. ASTROGEN has been used for generation of natural language (English) from formal specifications and STEP/EXPRESS Specifications. ASTROGEN consists basically of two modules the Deep and the Surface generator. ASTROGEN was written originally for generating Natural Language from formal specifications for the telecom domain. <img src=../images/astrogen.gif >


  1. Dalianis, H. (1999). Aggregation in Natural Language Generation. Journal of Computational Intelligence, 15(4). Bib
Facts about AstrogenRDF feed
DescriptionGeneration from formal specifications and STEP/EXPRESS specifications.  +
Domaintelecom  +
Ended1999  +
LanguageEnglish  +
NameAstrogen  +
Started1996  +
URL  +
WorkerDalianis  +
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