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[edit] Summary


AGILE is a tool which allows a technical author to specify, in a non-linguistic representation, the 'content' of different tasks that can be performed by users of CAD-CAM software. The AGILE system can then automatically express these content specifications in styles appropriate to different sections of a CAD-CAM manual (procedures, ready reference ...) in Bulgarian, Czech and Russian. The generated texts are displayed in a browser as hyperlinked documents. No expertise in knowledge representation is required, although some training with the interface is needed. The system has been evaluated and the results are described in the relevant project deliverables.


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Facts about AGILERDF feed
Descriptiongenerates instructions in the domain of Computer-Aided Design  +
DomainCAD  +, and instructions  +
Ended2001  +
ForerunnerKPML  +
FrameworkSFG  +
LanguageBulgarian  +, Czech  +, and Russian  +
NameAGILE  +
Started1999  +
URL  +
WorkerKrujiff  +, Korbayová  +, Teich  +, Hartley  +, Bateman  +, Sharoff  +, Scott  +, Staykova  +, and Sokolova  +
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