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AGILE +generates instructions in the domain of Computer-Aided Design  +
ALFRESCO +multimedia NL based information access  +
ANA +generation of stock market reports  +
ANTLIMA-1 +generating scene descriptions  +
ARIANNA +dynamic hypermedia  +
Abella +Spatial language generation  +
Accord +Natural language and graphic interface  +
Advisor +Generation of arguments  +
AlethGen/La Redoute +generation of one-page reply letters  +
Amalgam +Amalgam is a sentence realization component based on data-driven, machine learning techniques. Amalgam accepts as input a logical form graph.  +
Anthem +Generation of medical diagnoses  +
Artequakt +Automatic generation of narrative biographies of artists  +
Astrogen +Generation from formal specifications and STEP/EXPRESS specifications.  +
Atlastxt +Making geo-referenced data available via natural language generation  +
Autotext +Weather forecast report generator  +


BABEL +paraphrase generation & lexical choice  +
BERTRAND +generation of definite descriptions  +
BLAH +generation of explanations concerning income taxes  +
BabyTalk +BabyTalk is developing computerised tools to summarise and interpret data in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).  +
BoyerLapalme +generation of paraphrases  +


CAT-2 +formalism used for MT, includes analysis and generation capabilities fro the Eurotra Intermediate Structures.  +
CDM +generation of explanatory dialogues  +
CENTRIFUSER +A multidocument summarization system  +
CHARON +grammar development (allegedly including generation) for LFG  +
CLE +Core Language Engineering: mostly analysis oriented with some generation work  +
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