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CLIME +Automated responses to queries, posed in natural language, of any prescriptive semi-formal documentation  +
CLINT +hybrid template/word-based generator  +
COMET +generation of explanations (multimodal output)  +
COMIC +COnversational Multimodal Interaction with Computers  +
COMMENTATOR +generation of scene descriptions  +
COMMUNAL +generation with systemic functional grammar  +
COMRIS +meeting assistant  +
CONPAS +Content-to-Prosodically Adequate Speech  +
COOK +use of collocation for generating stock market reports  +
CORECT +Generate documents for requirements definition in the design of electronic test equipment  +
Caption Generation System +generates captions to complex automatically produced graphical presentations  +
Carroll +CALL system for teaching English  +
Cerbah +Causal explanation generation  +
Co-Op +Cooperative answer generation  +
CogentHelp +on-line help for GUIs  +
Color-X +NLG for verification of models of information and communication systems  +
ConGen +ConGen (CONnective GENerator): translation of expressions involving tense and aspect  +
Coral +Automatic generation of navigational route descriptions  +
Cosma +Appointment scheduling agent  +
Cubricon +Generation in multimedia interfaces  +
CziferszkyWinter +Route description generation  +


D2S +System for producing spoken language from data  +
DEFACTO +DEFACT (DEsign Framework for interACTive stOry systems) an interactive system for generating stories.  +
DIAMOD +KADS-based expert system explanation  +
DING +incremental generation  +
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